RI Construction, INC.

All Phases of Commercial & Residential Remodeling

Power Washing

Check out the photo on the right....before power washing, after power washing...you can plainly see an obvious difference in the way that the exterior surface appears. The combination of water and applied chemical is the ultimate way to clean all exterior surfaces, decks, and concrete. Over time, dirt, mud stains,  auto emissions, mold, mildew, and wear stains build up on exterior surfaces, making them look tattered, worn, old and dirty.

This process provides a simple, inexpensive beautification process. When exterior surfaces, wooden deck surfaces, and concrete are pressure washed, the life of the materials is expanded, the asthetic look is improved, and the safety of the user is greatly improved (less slipping on molded or mildewed surfaces). RI Construction Inc. uses  water pressure washing and chemical cleaning for all exterior surfaces and interior exposed concrete surfaces. If painting is involved after the cleaning process, we allow plenty of time for the surface to dry so the job is done right.


Before and After Power Washing...